letter from far away – lettera da lontano – scrisoare de departe

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


Don’t sit on my chair while I’m away
Don’t promise me pristine train stations either
Time is running out
On guilt and name, so I won’t use makeup
Don’t send me any consolations
Give me news about friends, about yourself, detached from events
When you are ready to forgive, separations won’t feel so heavy
Your mug won’t hold so many questions anymore
You will be waiting for the strike of the hour and not at all for a miracle
Don’t fear the anxiety
If I had been looking for peace or happiness, I would have given up all thought
One thing you should know
We need the clear mind to make room for new moments
And don’t forget, while I am away, don’t sit on my chair


mentre  sarò andato via, non stare sulla mia sedia
non deve promettermi stazioni intatte,
il tempo diventa sempre meno,
per la…

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