something we consume – qualcosa ci consuma – ceva ne consumă

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


Something Consumes us… (translation by Michaela)
One cannot knot the bouquet of flames
Nor braid them into baskets, for later..
And use them to gather memories..
Time turns into gas. It raises… It would be unbearable around love
– to carry the hot coals to the end of your journey
One might assume that even… on the other side.. where the other side and here
Meet in a fourth dimension.. even more..
We, tourists through life, we take too many still pictures, posing as happy
The candid snapshots capture our torture as we try to hide our own deceptions
We grind make up for the soul from hope’s bitter pits
We inflate our ego with the cripple smile, torn politely from the promise
And all of the sudden, on the other side, oblivion hugs us like an adoptive mother
– the only place where I found written the chemical…

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