In this very moment – In questo stesso momento – chiar รฎn acest moment

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


in this very moment
a baby takes his first breath
a soul sleeps out of a body, like a wonder, too early
in this very moment, in the sheets of a bed, orgasm is achieved โ€“
another is merely simulated,
a human being, as a shirt of another, tries the worst pains,
another is subjected to violence in this very moment
we reach new heights in all times famine, we give prizes for disease
rounds of applauses, high emotions that take your breath away, nominations for high positions
historical discoveries and betrayals, abominable plans are concocted
in this very moment
I wrote all the above as if at the same time, while you read it
this unique and countless choir, like a joint plea,
turns the planet
love goes to waste like air that escapes breathing, like a light
in the world of the blind


in questo stessoโ€ฆ

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