Counter- story / Contro-storiella / contra-poveste

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


Vasile Iloveyou and Zoe Iloveyou
Were courting each other, comically under the lamp post of the platform
In a train station passed only by arrogant trains
At a speed that would look like a mere basalt-gray smear
The train tracks, twisted, alcoholic, not parallel enough
Were tearing slices from the soles of the tennis shoes,
He was reciting to her from the work of a failed poet, she was failing to listen to the poem
Twisting apparent locks of hair with her finger on the temple bent towards yesterday –
She was keeping there future secret memories, with betrayals and suspense
The air smelled of metallic imminence, something
Was about to happen, a sort of horizontal rain, reaching only the telegraph wires
And the wing of a bird flying away from the ignored poem
At a certain moment – as every moment is merely given and not pre-existent…

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