Short-circuit – part 2 / cortocircuito 2 / Scurt-circuit 2

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


The loudspeaker hanging in the fifth corner of the room broke the shell of uncanny silence
„Attention, internal announcement, every feeling is invited
To stop by the accounting department, due to a technical error
Taxes have been miscalculated, differences will be reimbursed”

First to come were, the sensors of fragrances
Doubt and Shame followed hesitating, then a line formed uneven
The last, behaving like maid, was the Need for love –
Each one of them, even the uninvited ones, received a percentage of ego…
Only the faith remained tangled in the wires of the loudspeaker in the emptied room

Somewhere, outside, the Crisis declared a general strike, fed up
With being exploited, not having any free days or a vacation
Being always paid only in wrappers from conflicting feelings
Escaped, naked, in useless corners
The structure gave in, taking off to a world without people, the silences took…

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