I am a shooting pain in my ribcage – Sono un dolore lancinante nella mia cassa toracica – eu sunt junghiul între coastele mele

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


Can’t you see how the raindrops are differently colored
Not even the golden from day dreams knotted at corners
Didn’t it ever occur to you to open o can of Coca-Cola and find Brifcor in it
Didn’t you ever wake up at seven o’clock in the morning already dressed up
In the pioneer scout outfit, student identification number snapped in place, collar raised and sleeves rolled up
The girls with their overall dresses shortened with the cord tied around the waist in a cool way
Those who talk about the good things in Ceausescu’s times are feeling nostalgic about their own first youth
I already reached the 13th, a sort of muffled echo from the music of
A pillow fight on fox music, in the student dormitory where I was never a student
But a mere visitor, just as I am through this life
Can’t you see how…

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