immersed in… reading – immerso in… lettura – preocupat de… lectură

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


When you’re pretending to read, while sitting on a seat in the subway, so as not to have to meet the eyes of the
The old people standing,
When you smile like a good guy while inside you’re swearing like a sailor
When you’re pacing nervously in crowded bus stations and the bus fails to show up because of a strike
And you can’t afford a cab, you start walking to work, already late and your boss
Reveals on his left hand, under the rolled-up sleeve, an original Rolex,
When your life colleague from home calls to inform you in an impersonal voice about fresh bills
And you know that your money already immigrated to somewhere in the past – your mind discovers a new dimension of madness..
When the pain in the back grows like the interest rate and the diagnosis is
Printed on the identity card…

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