To the bone – Fino all’osso – Până la os

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


In this plastic age
we meticulously assemble dreams
humanity’s common goal
The consumption
Hells are happening
between a tick and a tack
Heavens are promised
purgatory is left with the pragmatism
of the passing seconds
we carefully polish vices, the virtues
get mixed up in expectations and
we apocalyptically live the extraordinary
deeply suffering from the burden of the inflated Ego
in this age we continuously plasticate errors,
by passing them as special merits
Who suffered more
in the celebrity-for-one-moment parade,
in the parade of imagined loves
nobody, nobody, nobody
can rid himself of the contaminated self,
of the norms of an imposed normal
nobody puts on the echo of his own insult
to the bone
we are saturated with own importance that
just The Death doesn’t contests…


In quest’età di plastica
meticolosamente imballiamo sogni
Obiettivo comune dell’umanità è il consumo
tra un “tic” e un “tac” stanno…

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