until – fino a quando – până ce

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


Love becomes no more than a test for hypochondria, claustrophobia, established guts and self deceit
you’re checking mirrors all the time, you’re torn by “why”s
something happens, something, something… a sort of apocalypse, and then, you feel like
you’re born of her, the one met today, a millennia ago, one suddenly possible future
and life burns, you are the coals, you had no idea how flammable you were
that in your poor construction, there is not even one fireproof pore, not even a word
to fit you after how much you dilated yourself, like the mirror in which the Universe
piously reflects…


l’amore è solo un test per l’ipocondria, la claustrofobia, il coraggio pazzesco consacrato,
ti stai sempre controllando negli specchi, si è lacerato dai troppi “perché”
fino a quando
succede qualcosa, qualcosa, qualcosa … una sorta d’apocalisse, e poi, ti sente come
fossi nato di…

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