sleeping pills in coffee – sonniferi nel caffè – somnifere în cafea

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


my body is an empty frame
I watch how the world leaks like a paste
I jot down on my retina, directly on new, fragmentary gestures
chewing gum positions – in round, with greed, slow- with disgust, pursed lipped,
forcedly – discrete, rabbit-like, champing , open-mouthed, munching…
and just as many positions of holding the mobile phone
and traveling by public transportation
through the slice of town, today at least, summer is being spread..
adult flowers are jumping fences, the sweeper cleans impeccably the street or my gene fallen unexpectedly –
I fight the impulse of throwing myself in front of it with town and all
strange, demon like insects are springing from my pen or my retina,
or maybe the evening fell unannounced by loudspeakers, billboards, oversized frights…
the corners of the frame are leaking bones, exclamation points,
sleep or a gigantic meteor are threatening the planet…

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