The taming of losing it – Bisbetica di quel saltato dal fisso – Îmblânzirea săritului de pe fix

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


The ink gets sour in the pen
the sheet of paper bends a corner
my hinges lose their pin
and you’re asking me to stay with it?
No, I jump

My dream lovers are running away
I am dragging my life until all my teeth fall
in the calendar, the saints are scolding me
asking me to bear my stupidity yoke in a docile manner
But no, myself is losing it

from the well and jump back into the lake
and I write with the blood and water
the paper no longer fits me
with its corner defeated
No, I jump

and bitterness adds to bitterness
until nothing matters anymore
the sour ink if still awake,
pours new awareness in my bones
Docile, I’m losing it no more


L’inchiostro diventa acido nella penna
il foglio di carta in un angolo si piega
le mie cerniere perdono il loro…

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