Not there – non è – nu-i

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


Beyond the secretions of a plasticated century
Like a sack on top of which climbs the execution scaffold
With millions of Jesus crucified on see-through crosses
A click nowadays turns you into a Magelan, Gagarin or a cosmic bitch
In reality your space strangles you wirelessly..
You mime the smile like an ideational, philosophical orgasm
Heck unleashes her little Hecks … you may call them bytes
One cross was enough, the choice is yours
You can either be the bag or the head
The rest is just a streak of blood spilled apparently in vain
But it isn’t, it isn’t


di là delle secrezioni di un secolo plastificato
come un sacco in testa a quello che sale il patibolo dell’esecuzione,
ci sono milioni di Gesù crocifissi sulle croci trasparenti…
solo con un click, nei giorni nostri. ognuno si trasforma in un Magelan, Gagarin o una cagna cosmica…

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