walls – le mura – ziduri

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


In the gangway by my place
girls with tattoos, military boots and studded belts are reading Kant and leave lipstick stains on the moldy walls of the building
the last Darwinists live in my building, unaware that they exist, they drink vodka and light beer
throw their eyes on the walls hoping that they’ll come back as doves, Noah’s brand
my neighborhood smells pestilential of philosophy, metaphysics and cheap detergent
with a strong quantic accent
God’s particle seems lost here
street kids and petty vendors with empty bags keep looking for it
cars’ engines are stalling
they don’t dare enter the darkness lit street
phosphorous dreams of course, emigrate beyond walls..
in my town there are only walls
brick people. Mortar people. Nail people and cockeyed nails in the impeccable walls
the young people are the ones bearing the burden, the concrete bends their spines, necks, knees

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