when I feel like a champagne cork – quando mi sento come un tappo di champagne – când mă simt ca un dop la şampanie

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


In the morning, a nightmare was zipping his fly
A hand without a body was drawing me an advice
to buy quickly as many mountains as I could, all the mountains
Because they will be soon in great demand
To buy quickly, with all the money I have, as much phosphorous as I can
and suet and thick ropes and….
I woke up with the mustard seed dry, that seed that gave me the illusion of being able to move mountains –
when I feel like a champagne cork, it’s definitely somebody’s birthday
Somebody to whom I owe a mountain of love
The zipper has my bones for teeth
and I didn’t save any money…(bleăopsssssss)


Al mattino, un incubo chiudeva il lampo ai suoi pantaloni
Una mano senza corpo mi stava disegnando un consiglio, dicendomi
di acquistare velocemente molte montagne che potevo, tutte le montagne
perché saranno…

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