The Romanians – I Rumeni – Românii…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


Romanians will be born
Like a never ending curse. Their life, a poem –
By clandestine pairs

The rhyme of those left at home
This sort of wound, a Wall forever lacking an Ana*
For those who leave their country

The verb of humbleness bakes
Flawless Europes. Romanians born prematurely
Will bring upon justice

A deeper meaning under the word is resting
It’s as old as time, be aware. Another continent is rising
Knowing of… God Forbid

Romanians will be born wherever,
Wherever, they feel home. The cradle of the world is pressing
In the Carpatians where its beginning hides
A poem obscure to him who is …. Not empty of not living…


i romeni nasceranno
come una maledizione senza fine. La loro vita è una poesia –
ogni due uno clandestino
La rima di chi è rimasto a casa è
un tipo di ferita diversa…

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Text inspired by the Violin Concerto in E Minor Op 64 by Bartholdy Mendelssohn – Testo ispirato dal Concerto per violino in mi minore Op. 64 di Mendelssohn Bartholdy – Text scris pe fond Violin Concerto in E Minor Op 64 Bartholdy Mendelssohn