burnt – bruciato – ars

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


I abjure
this planet
I abjure a name more and more foreign
I pray every passing day to a hostile god and I bite the finger nails of my heart
None of you is deserving enough to preach me
I love the avatar of a poorly initiated in the modern rank stupidity
A fictitious I crosses the street
the other is the street
Between me and that one… life raises too many traffic lights
I abjure an I
when too many Gods are being sold by the bunch
like parsley
I abjure a romantic democracy, so as not to call it perverted,
I abjure a controversial birth
Who’s the father, when the mother pays too often?…
None of you wants a life alive, you all want models, heroes
Nobody realizes how much we stink when we’re too naked
without the necessary makeup
I abjure a birth, at least…

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