Pseudo-riddle – Pseudo-indovinello – Pseudo-ghicitoare

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


In my life like in a plastic bag –
Or scarf, mitten or sock for Death…
Fit the world’s evils increased with my intentions to change..
In fact, we’re tubes that load-unload-load
In a perpetual motion,
A sophisticated machine in the assumption of love when
Somebody is playing with the faucets – fate or anti-fate…
Half way through life, a sort of fear sneaks in and ends up by being the last supreme wonder…
Chemically, I fought with the conviction that I am 65 % water
Adding plenty of wine to contradict the idea and
So as the wonder finds me paralyzed, to be a damp scarf for Death,
Tight glove, a sock too long…
So as the evils of the world look like virtues to me, the assumption of love, actuality
The idea, a plastic bag… and all of the sudden
It happens.. just like that… a…

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