So much work… Così tanta fatica … Atâta trudă…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


Love gave me a sort of wings too large and too many
Love gave me a sort of wheelchair
A strange identity, like a place of birth somewhere else
Love raised me higher than love
and it’s crossing me the street in places where I don’t want to cross, or I want…

It knows what I want or don’t – thus
the Earth is screaming with the undecided… as if the Earth was the shy one and not me
I blush like the flesh of a ripe watermelon and …the day
throws me seed for tomorrow.. can you still see me?… hey woman, down there,
on an ironically sad planet, this cloud is a handkerchief or myself.
Give me a sign with your eyelid, give me the exhaled imaginary second – ahh, how much work!


L’amore mi ha dato una sorta d’ali troppo grandi e troppi…
L’amore mi…

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