Century without poetry – Secolo senza poesia – Secol fără poezie

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


(thanks for the english version of  Michaela)

Sometimes an absolutely genuine verse, the poetry that represents the now, the present, sneaks in between the epic turned into metaphor either sideways or delicately, and the imitative – repetitive romanticism, a strangled sort of classicism.. The large scale liquidation of illiteracy and more, mass- media, created the right climate for the emancipation of the half wits, these becoming not only willing to express themselves but also… equipped to do so. One of my Selves stretches over these ignorant areas, so I know.. from experience. Even though another one claims Upper trajectories! Starting with the premise that “taste is not a lavatory” and that “his highness, the reader” is the one who chooses, we are now moving into the critics area, critics who are either retro or too cheap – for a vodka, they’ll praise you to high heaven; or too expensive…

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