The Night of Fori Imperiali in Rome – La Notte dei Fori

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Saturday, August 3, from 21.30, the night lights of Rome to inaugurate the pedestrianization of the Imperial Forums and deliver to the Romans, the Romans and tourists the most beautiful walk in the world.

The first night of the holes between art, culture and entertainment to celebrate the walk of the Romans, the first step towards the largest archaeological park in the world.

A night of free guided tours and big shows, including live music, theater and circus acrobatics suggestions, staged in natural theater in Via dei Fori Imperiali, the Colosseum to the Forum of Caesar, artfully lit for the occasion.

A night of life, during which the Romans, the Roman and tourists can rediscover the eternal beauty of Rome.


Ignazio Marino – mayor of Rome

La Notte dei Fori

Sabato 3 agosto, a partire dalle ore 21.30, la notte di Roma si illumina per inaugurare la pedonalizzazione dei Fori…

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