and – e – şi

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


And the edges of the sky cut deeply into dreams
When two-faced and proud, the prayer raises
Its spring, knot or tear, spoils,
Drawing thinking from harsh compromises
And the light bends in waters like a wine
When betrayal is all there is left from love
In contrast to that good
Too much, overwhelming, turned into a torture…
And man raises higher than a prayer
When he feeds daily on the torment
Of an Ego emptied of the verb “to be”
Humble servant though, to heaven and earth
And the evil is bewilder at how much a man multiply it for free, for only his pleasure
Today the heart, a piece of coal, that
I’m burying in “ands”
Together with the last gnom’s mirror…


anche i bordi del cielo taglia profondo nei sogni
quando la preghiera ipocrita e orgogliosa ascende
la sua fonte, nodo o…

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