It got to me – mi ha raggiunto – m-a ajuns

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


I got to be ashamed of feeling good
I reached a day when I realized that I imperatively need everything that I unlearned
And that everything that I presumably know… is useless
I reached a day when I rejoiced solely for being part of an extremely lively world…
Or the day has reached me?.. – please, do not touch the nights…!
Whatever might come, I choose to be honest, do not skin the mirrors In which I see myself as two
Don’t take this smile I smile either, just to play it on the stock exchange
It’s free, it came from love and it is because
In this way I share my happiness with you, even with all the risks involved
The fill of an emptiness of self in whose place, like in a place of light,
you already existed, got to me
Forgive my infatuations and the…

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