one step away – ad un passo – la un pas

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text


You tear the poet from the man, you look at him as if he were a handicap
When, contorted so that he fits in the shell of this planet,
He is to himself the necessary bitter bitterness,
So that the sweet, the poem in your heart that you wouldn’t know how to write
Be sweet…
You tear little foils off of the word and try them on like shirts and you are amazed
At how unlikely the resemblances man- poet- man, are
Without him the wonder would be blunt, opaque,
The questions would be closed in half syllables..
Even Death would commit suicide because of the inert boredom, if the current day weren’t
careful enough to keep a step behind the poet, the guardian of love aspiration

Motto (imagine a he Shakespeare and a she Shakespeare, a black Shakespeare, an Asian Shakespeare, an American – Indian Shakespeare, baptize…

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