the SMS fairy tales – le fiabe SMS – basme SMS – part one

valeriu dg barbu

The Mirror – Lo Specchio – Oglinda                              Trilingual text


The crisis (and other crisis…) determined me to change mentalities, attitudes, tastes. I fumbled through the dusty corners of my mind in search of solutions from totalitarian times. They didn’t work. The trifles of the actualism ask for futurist solutions. Ev/ri/ka… Evrika. A solitary semi-thought screams silently. I found it. The mirror. An object more and more hostile during the last years, because of suspected wrinkles and imaginary graying of the hair, the mirror regained its mythical relevance.
With utter tactfulness, I took the sandwich out of the fridge – the minimalism is in fashion when it comes to decorating the cold…. interiors – and on the giant dining room table, in front of an enormous mirror, I brunched/dined …. with such a talent, unveiled until…

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