sunset asthenias – astenie di sera – Astenii de seară

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


next door studio’s alarm is bellowing
ambulance sirens are bellowing
police car sirens are bellowing
both of my neighbor’s dogs, the neighbor, a hormone – the last – all are bellowing

I shut up and listen, trying
to make out in the juice of civilization, rare bouquets, inaudible sounds… the scream of indifference in the idea that I have to be the guardian of some abnormal standards perversely imposed
by the social disorder

the alarm, the sirens, the dogs, the neighbor… ceased to… all of the sudden
this evil peace hurts, restart the civilization, bellow plenary instead of praying,
instead of scalding, of a term of endearment, a confession of lack of love which
envelops us like a thick, thick darkness…


l’allarme dello studio di fronte sta urlando.
le sirene delle ambulanze stanno muggendo
le sirene di auto della polizia stanno muggendo
entrambi i cani della mia vicina…

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