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The nature of faith or the faith of nature? – La natura della fede o la fede della natura? – Natura credinței sau credința naturii

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A wonderful thing is happening in the region Kapandriti, from the neighborhood of Athens. Ten years ago, a pious beekeeper, named Isidor Tziminis, thought of placing an icon of the crucifixion inside of one of his beehives. Shortly afterwards, upon opening the beehive, he noticed that the bees had shown respect and devotion towards the icon, which they had “embellished” with wax, leaving though untouched, the face and body of the Lord.

Each spring, ever since, this beekeeper places in his beehives icons of the Redeemer, the Mother of Christ or Saints and the result is always the same. One time, someone brought him a handmade piece, from a nunnery. The icon represented the Golgota hill and the three crosses standing on it. The bees embellished with wax the entire surface of the work, leaving clearly distinguishable the cross of the Redeemer and that of the robber on…

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