prelude – preludio – preludiu

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post


Our joy is measured in wrong side- backwards steps 
We count deceptions caught in eyelid hooks 
Our Death is ever closer, breathing down our necks 
And our sickness is free, without a paycheck 
Our time is measured in years and seconds 
The sand of aspirations is hiding under soles, you laugh, you don’t laugh 
Children spring out like tassels from the poor heart just transplanted from a soldier 
Who had died defending the desert, on others’ duty… 
Our smiles are measured, significantly taxed, all that you have left to do is 
Catch the last train that still runs between Vega and sternly 
Our measures are measured in slices of hell


la nostra gioia è misurata in passi storti – indietro 
contiamo inganni agganciati dalle palpebre
la nostra morte è sempre più vicino, ci sta con il fiato sul collo
e il male ci è gratis, senza stipendio,

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