Common people – La gente comune – Oameni de rând

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text, the English translation by Michaela Jahn


The measurement unit for absurd
The extremely poor injected with the illusion of being merely poor, not very poor,
is raising objections to the very rich whose bowels, to top it all, are rumbling….
In the background, the muffled splash of spit spat randomly
accompanied by the burp of je-m’en-fichisme – the new political trend
From the future descends or climbs, same thing, a bare-foot tear drop,
an idiotic smile, a face without a face, a new currency, a new currency…
The ode to the well-fed, is sang by the choir of journalists on the verses of the hungry one
The ode to the hungry is whispered through teeth without teeth by the unborn
The curtain refuses to apocalyptically drop, it would want applauses and who would do it if
There are no common…

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