Beyond starts right here – al di là inizia proprio qui – dincolo începe chiar aici

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post – the English translation by Michaela Jahn


Stains grow bigger, glass fringes tie them in a bunch
All around is one big hall, here where you see, you don’t see, is outside
dimensions avoid one other with fierce shyness
The sky is trying to fill the glass, mouth down, it insists but the dark light
in minuscule vials is twisting and turning
and then sings
Every sound is squeezing out colors, growing stains,
The world ceased to exist a long time ago, it was merely a false projection
glass pouring in the old river beds it is the coagulation of unloving
Outside here, you see, you don’t see, it is the opposite of projection
not enough parallel


crescenti macchie, le frange di vetro le legava in un mazzo
tutto intorno è una sola sala grande, qui dove si vede, non si vede, è al di fuori
le dimensioni…

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