the fear – la paura – frica

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post – the English translation by Michaela Jahn


My shadow is more humble than myself
and some other times it grows longer, piercing the horizon
but it doesn’t dare lift its brow to the sky
An infinite strata of overlapping shadows form my poor frame
In the scoop of their dark hands there is a seed of light
It would sprout but the fear drains its sap and no tear
can get inside, they all want to immigrate into hypocrite mirrors
Layers of fear grow until shadow and tear grow into bones
And then the intention to pray comes, then hope… the power, the flicker intensifies


La mia ombra è più umile di me stesso
E alcune volte si allunga, perforando l’orizzonte
ma non osa alzare la fronte al cielo
infiniti strati di ombre sovrapposte formano il mio povero Sè
Nell’incavo delle loro mani scure c’è un seme di…

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