something is left untold – qualcosa è lasciato indicibile – ceva nu ni se spune

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, the english version by Mihaela Jahn


Don’t build more hopes than you can carry
Nor more wounds than your poor frame can bear
People are born at a speed of a hundred per second
And your Death won’t be recorded in the coroner’s report
As your parents are in your birth certificate
Life is eternal solely through others, you were taught to measure it in deeds grand by all means,
Because only you matter, you have to leave a mark for the future… you have to become eternal in the memory of those to come after you?
The history glorifies the bad ones more, according to the winner’s rule and it makes sense that they programed you somehow
Through the power of example, do as much evil as you can…
Something is left untold, the paradise is lost for us
Hell has its borders marked with living…

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