the nerves by nerves – i nervi degli nervi – nervii nervilor

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, translation by me


My nerves have … nerves
such as micro and macro cosmos on this now
I perceive solely as a little hood flattened
My nerves are not mine, they demanded independence,
reproaching that I’m too primitive and always I put it all to heart
as in a sort of cellar and I leave them just the functions
without them I can be considered …going crazy, off-road … around me everything is the same, so
wherever I would go is toward… going crazy
the heart, not to be outdone, the principle of decentralization, wants to
…did not say what
the nerves by the nerves themselves… now claims their autonomy, I am
I am no longer I
I take a beer like any ordinary citizen who does not understand anything of


I miei nervi hanno… nervi
come i micro e macro cosmo che
ora l’ho percepisco…

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