the trialogue of the self with heretical shadows – trialogo del sè con le ombre eretiche – trialogul sinelui cu umbrele eretice

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, transations by me


the inside is the same on the outside, there is no salvation ,
today, or you have to eat, or you have God
to be alive is a punishment, in the substance
too many birds
lay eggs in your name, and every grain of sand is a rock, or was,
that waiting, you no, you no
I’m contemplating the dejavu become hazard, or a curse
an I, heretic and hostile, obsessively repeating : if God is eternal
I am older than him, because it renews itself in exclamations to babes
an you, another me, without a fetish that you always confirms the same illusion, you think you’re blind…
the other me, mimics the panic …the risk of being alone, hm,
the panic is not instinctive, it is technologically induced, you learning diligently,
technologies helps you rip easy your spirit, when…

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