The Variable of a common coward – La variabile di un codardo comune – Variabila unui laș comun

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, english version by Mihaela Jahn


Each one of us has his own white cane for certain ways
If everything were accurate, without errors, in plain sight, the unsuspected victories
What would they mean anymore? …
the excitement of the second would extend bewildered
The gates of Evil, just as those of Good are not closed/opened by a hesitating hand
You have to see at least a step ahead, states the coward in me
I invent signs, I tell disappointments not to pass as victories,
I leave the coward, the sensation of liberty between one breath and another
Sufferance springs from the flesh of the mirrors, demanding its right to identity
I grant it full citizenship… and all these until one day when love, eventually,
Gave birth to me
It’s as if graduating from a black and white television set to a color one
All of the sudden the…

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