Secret tablets found by archaeologists in the future – tavolette segreti trovati dagli archeologi nel futuro – tăblițele secrete găsite de arheologi în viitor

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post, translations by me


return to the caves
LCD caves, LED caves, Plasma caves,
silicon besieges lipids and carbohydrates
the pulse is measured in bits, greeting in beeps
the handshake in pixels
Dolly the sheep has cloned a human… is a revolution…
in the rest, worthy of note, is the sex, no one is excited
scanning looking sideways toward a robo-whore
the little hand swellable… wavers on the keys arranged in layers
push the clone’women, and the clone’man ( that meanwhile Dolly
has created a pair, nostalgic replica of libertine Eden) in a cave in first class comfort

the password is an inscrivibile bleat, echo of poor Dolly, cremated
without a priest…


parola d’ordine
tornare alle caverne
grotte a LCD, grotte a LED, grotte a Plasma,
il silicio assedia lipidi e carboidrati
il polso viene misurato in bit, saluto in bip
la stretta di mano…

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