we live in the other…? – viviamo nei altri…? – trăim în alții…?

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post, bad translations by me


Warning : this text uses a obsessively word-cliche recycled
advised for parents only with the consent of the children
Falling in love – maybe you saw could only breathe around her , he …
Simulacrum – everything happens in the peel of the moment, Big Bang reload …
Deception – for a kiss, and that emotion, finding … just one corner of the mouth,
must pay layers layers of hell succedendo too fast, why … why ?
to be loved the love, a moment’s would have been enough
for to breastfeed billion moments …
but no, we do not want to live in others, only their happen the miracles, damn …
we live models fixed, matrix, believing the love a right, a property,
a kingdom, we believe that it all happened only to us … so …
Yes, all…

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