Ereticon 1 – the story of the track of the seconds – la storia della traccia delle secondi – istoria dârei secundelor

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian language


only in the last five thousand years
as if it was …
an instant
have been written countless words, the same,
you have passed through life like a bolt of lightning … the geniuses that have brought the world so far
tens of thousands, millions … of philosophers, poets, architects, prophets,
some killed, others more killed … from oblivion
visionaries … of their dreams has built the world
beliefs, dogmas, laws
vices … vices are still intact… forever
humanity has paid thousandfold for every millisecond with the blood and tears
You come to tell me that love will save the world?…
Where are the big perfect lovers of all time?…
Shakespeare walks on stage his own skull
stars walk up there with my soles
there is no hope
are promises of worlds beyond, always beyond … but here…

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