The Earth belongs to children all over the world – La Terra appartiene ai bambini di tutto il mondo – Pământul aparține copiilor din întreaga lume

valeriu dg barbu

though I’ve never touched these performances
such as children in this video
I remember my childhood living in Ceausescu’s dictatorship
today, how wrong direction pseudo-democracy in Romania,
I become nostalgic

copiii anche se non ho mai toccato queste performance
come ad esempio i bambini in questo video
Mi ricordo la mia infanzia vissuta nella dittatura di Ceausescu
Oggi, come è sbagliata la direzione della pseudo-democrazia in Romania,
divento …nostalgico

deși eu niciodată nu am atins aceste performanțe
precum copiii din acest video
îmi amintesc de copilăria mea trăită pe vremea dictaturii lui Ceaușescu
astăzi, după cât de greșită este direcția pseudo-democrației din România,
devin nostalgic

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Change of hour – Cambio di ora – schimb de oră

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, translation by Mihaela Jahn, Italian and Romanian by me


Even the hour is changing
Maybe it’s switching places with the second hand, at least that’s the rumor I heard…
The cuckoos will fly away from grandfather clocks, the roosters will immigrate to the top of sky-scrapers
We won’t be able to find the hour in the clock, God knows where it’s going to move
Even the sounds will change
They won’t pour onto the world from clocks
We’ll prefer the mp3 tolling of bells, or set on vibrate
Reduced to a common denominator, not sufficiently common..
Even the colors will change from one into another insoluble
Tiny flash spots, as warts only in mirrors, not on faces
And the eyes will turn inside into the profound
Even any, even a.. will pass in the superlative on the opposite sense
In us growing to…

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