unlove – disamore – deziubire

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

Businessman with briefcase hiding bouquet of flowers behind back

you climb a mountain of chalk
eyes stepping these spots increasing
roots without soil
thou hast always hesitated, by hiding the bouquet behind you
muttering syllables lime green
you believed ..falling in love,, a flu,
hast took aspirin with punch and the flowers was dried… the meanwhile
you climb a mountain of cotton
the spots was grew larger, hostile sphinxes
love has never been consumed
you live from memories borrowed, at second hand,
you are no longer you, you went with the woman without the flowers …
toward the soil without roots


sali una montagna di gesso
occhi camminano delle macchie crescendo
radici senza suolo
hai sempre esitato, nascondendo il bouquet alle tue spalle
borbottavi le sillabe verde lime
credendo l’innamoramento un raffredore,
prendevi l’aspirina con pugno e gli fiori si essiccavano nel frattempo
sali una…

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