every answer – ogni risposta – orice răspuns

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

you believed that the time is a screw that tighten, tighten it all more
as a winepress…
until you have deciphered the signs on the soles
and that you can see not only with your eyes…
you do not have any fear, from now every day you feel a
the onomastics of the eternity and you adopted festive mimics
a priest taught you that you must not waste time
but absolutely must earn it, and then he died…
then, well, you understand what is the stake
you do not get more confused between symbols, you take the joy
Beyond the watches, indeed, you’re throwing in the stove
to thaw hands, because the cold is the dreaded
and in the hollow of the hand sits the time
the tips of the minute hand, twisted now
like a finger pointing at…

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lime – calce – var

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian translations by me

Motto:Have you seen kissing two grains of sand?

It would seem that today in the rooms of poor myself
it is giving with lime
I not have even a little corner in which to curl up and I write something
They stained the sheet, look how much is white…

I went out to the streets. There is no one … Maybe everyone is living there
in those rooms.

A gust of wind is flying, proud contour of the pen,
raises two specks of dust in a initiatory dance
I get lost to look and I forget the way back
back to myselfcalce


Motto: Hai visto baciarsi due granelli di sabbia?

Sembrerebbe che oggi nelle stanze del mio povero sé
si sta dando con calce
Non è ho alcun angoletto in cui rannicchiarmi e scrivere qualcosa
Hanno macchiato il foglio, guarda…

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