butterflies ghosts – farfalle fantasmi – fluturi fantome

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

her cat, of my neighbor, comes every day in my garden
digging under the window, I call to me, she pretends that
is chasing imaginary butterflies
the conflict with my neighbor is older,
I chose poppies and I put them in the door her a cup of yogurt
she smiles at another neighbor
especially has something against my dog, Fin,
He is stealing the newspaper, she yells: go away bitch… and then raises
the music to the fullest, always the same song
the dog and the cat romp together in the garden, I read free the newspaper, the butterflies
between the dirty windows
I never had the courage to woo her directly,
I bought the CD with his favorite song
I raised the volume to maximum, but with four seconds behind her –
someone rings the doorbell, go to open, you wait here,
it may be the cat…

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