the wake of a show of scaly letters / Sulla scia di uno spettacolo di lettere-scaglie / pe o dâră de spectacol cu litere-solzi

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

Boredom induces to stress, it dies of heart more and more
neither of the hearts of others
seen from an angle, the Earth is a jar with fish
fish with neckties and briefcases, frozen and aligned on a wire
the tense by which is often called – rules of coexistence
exempted nobody, nobody at the helm
who note that the jar is cracked can exclaim
wire has only one end – he does not
the books are written in vain about the vain of what passed
Miss veiled extract the nuts from the bone
does not lose any bone, bones are the grass for scythe stainless
it do not drown, like fish eating fish on the Stock Exchange
are written more of books, with ink, with blood or whatever
payroll and informational notes coded all becoming a source
Hell is always right, to learn more about minnows

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