just now – proprio ora – chiar acum

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

she asks me to cue from the pencil
from the sheet
no verse does not seem hydraulic
to lift her to the amazement
with his hands and lips, says that
I know more poetry
believes every word is just a mask
for what not we must even say
a walnut too hard the love
in the beak of the letters
and says that…we breathe the ego
one for the other… just intentions
too many layers of epidermis covering
the generator of dreams
she asks me to cue, because she do not hear because of too rustle
as it shook … the fluff of dandelion, from the eyes
and just now wants a bit of poetry alive
with hands and with lips


mi chiede di tacere dalla matita
dal foglio
nessun versetto non le sembra idraulico
ad alzarle lo stupore
con le mani e con le labbra, dice…

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