in a mute song – in un canto muto – într-un cântec mut

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

a thought flatters me, another criticizes me
a lame ghost it hummed me
on the road to ruin
within a word I sleep well, within another I sit
as on the scale of an overcrowded tram
the letters was in my throat, another tickles my nostrils
My mythical world, just one song that heard itself and is surprised
as we are of identical
in a verse I die, in another I keep the moans and seas without shores
the hope, previously virgin, whore today, is a prostitute on other planets,
here already all had her


un pensiero mi lusinga, un altro mi critica
mi canticchia un fantasma zoppo
nella strada alla rovina
all’interno di una parola dormo bene in un’altra sto
come sulla scala di un tram sovraffollato
una lettera è rimasta in gola, un altra mi solletica le narici
Il mio mondo…

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