Barber of the Lord… – Barbiere del Signore… – Bărbierul Domnului…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

a time your body is a finger pointing to the sky
and another time to the ground
a time you have too much time
in another, you do not have the time, the index finger is directed towards you
behold, the ,,where,, from all life sought
too many thoughts haunting the sky, and too few ideas
inflation of petty-petty fears… grind the world
My God, how we believe in ourselves that we are too large!
My God, the finger is stretched, along with others, to grab you by the beard
and there are many who
would like to be your barber, to see you more fresh the future generations
if they would know that all these fingers are the hair of your beard, my God…!
but, do not tell her, let them
come a time…


un tempo il tuo corpo è un dito…

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