almost ok – quasi ok – aproximativ ok

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

I talked with an alien, he told me that
it’ll be fine, he knows from horoscope of their newspapers
I said that we work in vain, just let’s shake the dust
in their eyes huge, and that money is a joke
there for them the money in circulation is the kiss
I rushed myself to the cashier at the supermarket to kiss
and to go it quiet, let me with a cart full
she reassured me, showing me the bodyguard on exit
asked the credit card with the kisses…
I talked with an alien, he told me that we all
we are aliens from in a while, because everything we do is
for to throw this planet in powder
our grandchildren will swing from in somewhere near Pluto
and here, because of the effect of greenhouse, will grow only crosses…
In the rest…

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