same irony – stessa ironia – aceeași ironie

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

in the core of each object it can discover
a kind of irony, a false obedience
often take revenge on those who use them and no
of those who created them reluctantly
Look, everything slips through the fingers of time
and consumes us, we feel that we imperiously need of they
more soon, we are concerned about their lack…
In reality, our body becomes, through them, an object
that has besieged the spirit with pain – which has needs just of himself
to rebuild all over again …with the same irony


nel nocciolo di ciascun oggetto può scoprire
una sorta d’ironia, una finta obbedienza
spesso vendicarsi di chi li usa e no
di chi li ha creati a malincuore
guarda, tutto scivola tra le dita del tempo
e ci consuma, ci sembra che ne abbiamo bisogno imperiosamente
più tosto, siamo preoccupati per la…

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