Will win – Vincerà – Vor învinge

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian language

Someone suggested to put aside
all the tears that have occurred on Earth today – the times will come arid…
also, to put aside the kiss, the smile, the greeting – the time will come
when you will have to understand different the idea of
our neighbor…
I do not agree, no matter how are bad the times,
Today I will train diligently every tear, kiss, smile, greeting, such as the pugilists
to wrestle with the Indifferences that
make savings of life, make waste of death
when I will remain without hands, without lips and eyes, without me
will be sufficient the nerves of my shadows to fight further and they will win


Qualcuno ha proposto di metterci da parte
tutte le lacrime che si sono verificate oggi sulla Terra – arriveranno i tempi aridi…
di risparmiare anche il bacio, il sorriso, il…

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