Here is no longer here… Qui non è più qui… Aici nu mai e aici

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Here, hopping between the commas deferred and gummy letters
Only I have the impression I give you joy in some way, in fact, I transmit to you
tensions perplexed and stray currents …However, sometimes
I will keep the mirror for you, even if it is not clean
Makes me so strong a desire to throw myself on the computer screen
I have a craving so strong to throw me the whole… in the computer screen
to teleported me to you and
to bring you at least a smile, maybe even a flower, or maybe a drop of wine…


photo by Mike Ceaser

Qui, saltellando tra le virgole differite e lettere gommose
Soltanto io ho l’impressione vi do la gioia in qualche modo, infatti, vi trasmetto
tensioni perplesse e correnti vaganti… Tuttavia, a volte
io vi tengo lo specchio, anche se non è pulita

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