It is broken the branch… si è rotto il ramo… s-a rupt creanga…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

The trees are tired; they sit quietly on the benches in the park
They came here from under the windows of the girls, where today
No young man not climbs to risk everything just for a kiss
The trees become hoary inside of them and now are nostalgics…
On some branches a bud twig gives to emerge, but they run too fast on them the winters
Even children are no longer coming at the park, now they were born directly with the major concerns
This tranquility of the trees scares me, I try to climb …and


Gli alberi sono stanchi, si siedono tranquilli sulle panchine nel parco
Sono venuti qui da sotto le finestre delle ragazze, dove oggi
nessun giovanotto non si arrampica per rischiare qualsiasi cosa solo per un bacio
Gli alberi diventano canuti dentro di loro e ora sono nostalgici…

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